Do you want to make a career in  adventure ?

But you don't know where to start, have no idea how to get the money or doubt whether you are good enough...



Starting October 21st, 2022

  • Teaches you how to build a business around your passion.

  • Is a 6 month-long Mentorship Program.

  • Gives you the chance to talk face-to-face to highly accomplished adventurers.

  • Gives you lifelong access to an adventure mindset training programme. 

  • Gives you lifelong access to an online adventure business course.

  • Helps you figure out what the best way for YOU is to find purpose and build a career as an adventurer.

  • Creates more alignment between your values and your reality.

  • Supports you in executing the step-by-step path to your fulfulling career.

  • Will transform your mental strength, confidence and ability to overcome challenges and problem-solve.

  • Is an awesome place for fun, learning and exploration with like-minded others.


The Adventure Academy is for you if:

- You have an unfulfilling job and want to become an adventurous digital nomad.

- You are student but you'd rather spend your days outdoors than in a stuffy, noisy auditorium.

- You are a high-level outdoor athlete who wants to learn how to market himself better, create extra income streams or influence more people.

- You had a big dream to start your own travel agency, take groups on wilderness-retreats or become a paragliding instructor in the Alps, but you've never found the courage/right. moment/helping hands to start realizing your dream.

- You want to learn how to organise an expedition that makes instead of costs you money.

- You're already an employee in an adventure-related company and you want to start your own business, but you have no idea where to start.


The Adventure Academy includes:

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Your price: €595/month

or 1-time payment of €3000

Camel in Desert

Who are the expedition leaders?



At the time of being a young and promising rock climber and trailrunner, Karen started her working life as a geologist in the Bolivian Andes, researching gold. At age 21, a life-changing climbing accident left her paralysed from the chest down.

The accident wasn't the end of her adventurous life though. Quite the opposite; over the last 3 decades, Karen went on to accomplish unbelievable feats such as handbiking across the Himalaya's, crossing the Greenland Ice Cap in a sitski, climbing up El Capitan, sea kayaking from Canada to Greenland, and many more. 

In between all of her adventures, Karen also won a golden medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympics and Silver in London 2012, and became paratriathlon world champion. She's also the Guinness World Landspeed Record holder, reaching an astonoshing speed of 46.04 mph solely by arm-power.


Having faced many adversities, Karen has developed probably one of the strongest minds of all people alive. She believes we create results and happiness from the inside out. Utilising our thoughts (the language of our mind), and our emotions (the language of our body), we can create health and freedom. Karen in convinced that with desire, awareness and resources, and permission to unleash who we truly want to be, anything is possible.

Karen is an experienced transformational coach, renowned public speaker, author and co-founder of QUEST 79 - a community of ordinary people finding their inner gold and doing extraordinary things. 

Find out more about Karen:



In 2019, deeply unhappy in his job as a physiotherapist, Glenn decided he wanted to make a career as an adventurer/outdoor athlete.  With no knowledge about business and marketing what so ever, and no network of other professional adventurers, he decided a good point to start would be to read as many books about entrepreneurship, mindset, fitness and adventure as possible.  Over the next 3 years, he read > 100 books, followed several online business courses, went to Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within (with Karen) and found several mentors. 

Thanks to interviewing 100 adventurers for the book Profession Adventurer, Glenn got in touch with adventurer/business coach Derek Loudermilk, and worked one year as Derek's Personal Assistant.  This way, Glenn learned a ton about copywriting, sales, building funnels, email outreaches, picking the right hookpoints, leadership, social media marketing etc.  Currently, he's a project manager at the Dutch top marketing company Conversion Mill.

Glenn's favourite adventures are trailrunning, swimruns and extreme triathlons, but he has also experience with rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, canyoning, caving, bikepacking and long-distance hiking.  Glenn holds the Guinness World Record for 'Greatest Distance Traveled on a Spacehopper in 24h'. His adventure 'Col du Tourmalet on a spacehopper' went viral on national news outlets of 5 countries. 


Besides adventure, Glenn loves exploring social freedom and has his own merch brand called "I Love People"

Find out more about Glenn here: 

Contact Glenn:

2 Live Events:

hoposa villaconcha.jpg

Kick-off weekend
Location: Hoposa Villaconcha, Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca
Date: October 21-23, 2022
What? A live event in an amazing environment for sports & adventure.  You'll get to know the other academy adventurers and the coaches Karen and Glenn. We'll provide the first business workshops and coaching sessions, and take you on a mini-adventure. 
Price? Coaching sessions and workshops are included in your membership for the Adventure Academy. The travel expenses (lodging, food, transportation) are on your account. We'll have a price estimation and hotel promo offer for you soon. 

Image by Tegan Mierle

Graduation Adventure
Location: to be defined 
Date: April 22-23, 2023
What? Karen and Glenn will take you on an adventure journey as the 'final exam' of the Adventure Academy. We'll test whether you're mentally, physically and emotionally strong enough to graduate and build an amazing life as an adventurer! Of course, there' ll be lots of fun too!
Coaching sessions, workshops, Academy awards, food, lodging, transportation during the weekend and activities are included in your membership for the Adventure Academy.